Amy B - Masked Portrait

Like most other professional performers based in New York City, Covid challenged my resilience in unforeseen ways.

Although I have suffered significant hardships in my life, nothing could have prepared me for the added trauma of suddenly losing fellow colleagues to the deadly virus, in addition to multiple income sources, my apartment, livelihood, community, Broadway dreams…and identity. My entire world seemingly halted, like a rug was ripped out from underneath me.

As the death toll continued rising and my employment ceased, I fled to the safety of my parent’s farm without knowing when the nightmare would end, nor how long my profession would be shuttered. While I was thankful to be welcomed back, my life’s work seemed worthless in the middle of a cornfield during a global pandemic. I felt non-essential and struggled to cope with my new circumstances without my usual creative outlets…until I decided to pivot into a remote voice acting career.

I took this selfie in my closet before construction began on my home recording studio, which is now equipped with advanced audio and remote connectivity technologies so that I can work with clients, casting directors, agents and audio engineers globally.

Looking back, I understand this chapter belongs in my story so that new audiences can hear MY voice, because it matters. Regardless of the platform, I believe the stories WE tell matter—they have the power to heal, to change hearts and minds—and at their best they reflect our humanity.