Masked Portrait - Evelyn K

This pandemic has been awful for my family. My husband works an essential job for a little over minimum wage and I am on disability. It was difficult watching others being laid off, receiving so much through unemployment and food stamps. In January 2021 I survived brain surgery for a benign tumor. The hardest part was that only one person was allowed in the hospital with me. It was a very difficult time for my husband with no family support there for him. My sister passed away suddenly in May, 2020 right after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We were not allowed to have a family visitation and that was rough. Also, my brother in law had to go through several cancer procedures/surgeries without anyone by his side. They ended up removing his voice box after fighting almost 2 years to save it. Another family tragedy fought, alone. My son had outpatient surgery just this week and since I am not yet able to drive because of the brain surgery, my sister drove us. Of course only one person was allowed in the hospital with him so, my precious sister sat in the car for 5 hours:(  And, I'm having cataract surgery next week. Again, my sister is taking me to many pre-op appointments only to sit in the car for a couple hours. In my personal opinion, our chances of surviving Covid do not justify forcing families to go through this much, alone. So sad.