Masked Portrait - Leslie A

When the pandemic closed Hancher Auditorium, life – usually consumed by nonstop activity – was suddenly reduced to constant worry and endless Zoom meetings. A flirtation with the treadmill, an attempt to bake the perfect Bundt cake, and a complete failure to make a dent in my TBR pile only made the situation worse. Then an epiphany hit me - I realized what my mom would’ve done with her artist’s eye and a yard of cloth and began searching online for a simple mask making tutorial. When I shared my plan with him, my dear dad had her sewing machine serviced and delivered to me and I spent many happy hours scouring the thousands of fabrics on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website, knowing each yard chosen would become a dozen more masks to share with friends and family. It was a true balm for my soul that helped light my path toward a renewed sense of purpose and hope.